Snapshot is an itinerary app for young people in their twenties. The app is specifically for travelers venturing within Europe. One of the major goals of this app is to try and make organizing activities easier for the traveler. We all know it can be stressfull planning things to do on a trip, so this app will get to know your preferences and connect you with potential activities you will like. Snapshot creates an itinerary for you based on the amount of days you’re in a city. Don’t have tickets for an event ­- not to worry! Snapshot ensures ticket availability and easy navigation for purchasing tickets, so you don’t have to miss a thing. We want the user to have full control so the design also has the option for the user to create a custom itinerary from a list of activities. The list of activities are varied, from common ventures to more unique ones - making for a very special travel experience. Snapshot lets you see it your way! Join us today for your next travel to Europe!

Snapshot Logo person holding iphone with Snapshot screen showing Multiple Snapshot screens in iphone mockups